Looking for a Pet Friendly Building?

Are you a pet lover and looking for someplace to live that also welcomes your furry friends? We can help!

Current and new Oahu residents and are finding out that many of Oahu’s condos or apartments are NOT pet friendly or very strict about the type of pets that they do allow. It ends up being a very stressful experience for you and your furry loved one. That’s where we can help. We have worked with many buyers to quickly find a home within their budget that accommodates pets and their needs.

Below are a list of current condos and apartments on Oahu that allow animals. We have also listed some helpful tips from the Oahu Humane Society that may help you understand some of the restrictions that certain buildings have in regards to their pet policies.

Click here for a list of Pet Friendly Condos and Apartments on Oahu.

Allowing Pets vs. Pet Friendly

When browsing listings in the apartments above, remember that buildings that allow pets are not the same as pet friendly buildings.  The latter will allow any type of pet and have building rules and amenities to make pets comfortable.  The former will allow pets inside but will have building rules that contradict the term “pet friendly” including:

Breed, Size and Number of Pets Allowed Restrictions

  • Some apartments won’t allow pets over 10 lbs.
  • Many apartments will not allow pit bulls or other breeds that have been deemed “dangerous” (e.g. Pit bulls)
  • Some apartments only allow 1 pet

Apartment Rules and Regulations

  • Apartments that have thinly veiled rules such as, “Dogs may NOT walk on lobby floors” to avoid renters with larger breeds.
  • Buildings that only allow pets in the service elevator

The high demand and level of competition for apartments on Oahu means you will have to be extra diligent before you sign a long-term lease.

Living with Pets on Oahu

Be prepared to pay a deposit at some places.  State law stipulates that building owners can charge up to one months rent as a pet deposit.

If you’re moving here, do your research and find a place BEFORE getting on the plane.

If you currently live in a building that has some of these pet rules, all is not lost.  You can work with the building owner to institute a pet friendly environment.  “It takes patience but can be accomplished.” Explains Mary Steiner, Policy Advocate for the Hawaiian Humane Society, “It helps when several building residents all want to change the rules.  It is always better to work within the system rather than break the rules and hope you won’t get caught.”

New Developments Love Pets

Many of the upcoming developments on Oahu have recognized the growing trend of owners living with their pets and have already taken that into account by creating a pet friendly environment. The newer condos in Kaka’ako and Ala Moana have started to include specific pet amenities like dog parks, and dog runs in their resident features. Contact us for more information on these upcoming developments.